How To Create Mental Toughness & Focus | Tayson Whittaker | PF-13



This is the 2nd part of my 2 part interview with my close friend Tayson Whittaker. He is the founder and president of Outdoor Vitals, he’s a huge outdoor enthusiast, a great dad and a great friend. In this episode we dig into why he pushes himself to the limits outdoors and how that benefits him in all aspects of life. Stay tuned as we discuss the lessons he learns outdoors and how he is passing those on to his family.

Outdoor Vitals is an ultralight backpacking brand that was started by Tayson Whittaker about 5 years ago. He has since grown it into a thriving 7 figure business while simultaneously starting a family. Now he and his wife have 2 awesome kids and have a lot of great knowledge to share with us.





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