One Scientifically Proven Way To Increase Happiness | PRIMER | PF-12


The primed fatherhood podcast is based on the premise that past achievements do not guarantee future successes. As fathers we need to stay focused on all aspects of our most important role so my goal is to broadcast an episode every Monday and Thursday that inspires you or instructs you on important items related to fatherhood. 

Primed Stands for Provide, Refine, Instruct, Manage, Engage and Defend so these episodes will cover a myriad of topics related to any aspect of those 6 foundational fatherhood roles.

 My goal for today’s episode is to help you to strengthen your relationships, feel better about how things in your life are going and be more engaged with your families. Stay tuned as I unpack this scientifically proven method of increasing happiness which will in turn help you in your relationships, mental health and fatherly roles.



PRIMER Episode. Short & to the point to motivate you and PRIME you for action as a father.


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