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Primed Fatherhood: Flawed Men Make Strong Fathers When Primed.

Become a great father and stay great by Priming yourself daily to conquer the challenges of career, family and our chaotic world.

This is not just another parenting podcast although teaching children is an important part of being a great father. This is not just another podcast of what to expect as a new father although it will help “new dads” become more prepared.

This podcast was created to explore, discuss, debate and decode the path to sustained-powerful fatherhood. Please join us as we share stories of our transformations from weakness into strength, from fear into focus and from overwhelmed into undaunted.

Being a great dad requires a lot more than just putting food on the table but it is attainable to all who focus on becoming great. The best fathers are not born great. They are PRIMED to be great by working daily on increasing their abilities to (P) Provide, (R) Refine themselves, (I) Instruct their children, (M) Manage their time/relationships/resources, (E) Engage/recommit daily and (D) Defend their families from a world full of threats.