The Secret Formula Of A Networking Pro | Andy Springer | PF-19



When I started Rugged Material I was still in college. I got a tip to go to the group called the “Thinkubator” group on a thursday night. It was my first stab at trying to network my own business. I got to the meeting a little late and saw this big group of middle aged guys sitting around a fancy conference table all very engaged in little side conversations with people around them. When I walked into the room with my wife and friend not many people noticed and no one said anything. Then when we found a seat a young looking guy came over to me and shook my hand. He said my name is Andy what’s your’s? What do you do? How can we help? And before I knew it he was introducing me to 3 other guys who had experience manufacturing and selling their own physical products. 

I didn’t know it at the time but when I shook Andy’s hand I became part of a powerful network of thousands of great people. Andy Springer is a dad of 3 young men, husband to a great woman, a successful salesman/ insurance guy, a real estate investor and serial entrepreneur. Andy is a networking Pro with so much experience making connections with people I’m sure you’ll benefit from learning his formula and following his example. 

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